The company SICHERA Srl was born from the ingenuity of highly qualified persons with years of experience in the construction of packaging machines, especially filling machines for liquids, cartoning machines for boxes and cases and paletization systems, both with step-by- step or continuous motions.

The very first machine , a filling device for liquids, was created after a reflection and the will to bring it up for discussion again of the traditional filling systems that were existing on the market for long.
Today, the Volumetric filling system of SICHERA, without any syringes or pumps, protected by international patents , is a device that is revolutioning the way to fill any kind of liquids (out of the carbonated ones).

Analyzing by chance the existing machines in the Multimedia field, SICHERA has approciated with the packaging of CD's, CD-roms and DVD's or similar products, at the high-level technology, optimizing the quality and the production process with fastes and low cost.

Today the SICHERA machines for DVD, CDs, CD-rom or CD-card, are the fastest machines in the world at a low and competitive investment and maintenance cost.

Under the request of the market, SICHERA has developed other new machines like the the overwrapping machine, type S 14 for any kind of squared products and 2 new cartoning machines, one vertical model S 10 and the second horizontal model S08; this allows us to offer complete packaging lines.

From what was at the very beginning only an innovative think, SICHERA is now a company capable to offer alternative and competitive solutions to the wide world of Packaging industry.

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Cartoning machine for pre glued cardboards
Cartoning machine whith continuous motion

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